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The New Riegel Music Department has been selected to take part in the REINEKE DRIVE ONE FOR YOUR SCHOOL program! This one-day event is an easy and profitable fundraiser, but we need your help!

On Wednesday, September 2nd (3:30-7:00pm), we need everyone in the community and surrounding area to come out to Reineke Ford in Tiffin and test drive a car. For every person that does, Reineke will give $20 to the New Riegel Music Department. Please know that you will not deal with any car salesmen. You simply come straight to our booth, test-drive a car, and go on with your day. The entire process will only take 15 minutes of your time.

Reineke will pay up to $6000 for this one event, but we need 300 people to test drive in order to reach that goal! PLEASE help us advertise this event so we can reach the $6000 limit!

The New Riegel Band and Jacket Company will be performing during the event, the Junior High students will be washing cars and we will even be grilling food for everyone! See you all on Wed, Sept 2!